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New World Twitch Drop: How to Get

New World has Twitch specific drops.
New World has Twitch specific drops. / Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

Players have gotten two weeks to test out Amazon’s new MMO, and thanks to Amazon’s ownership of Twitch, players have been able to get in-game goodies. Here’s how to get a New World Twitch drop.

The closed beta for Amazon Games’ new MMO, New World, launched yesterday and every person who has their hands on a beta key is trying to get the most out of it. And as with many new video game releases with promotional testing periods, New World is partnering with Amazon — more specifically the Amazon-owned streaming platform, Twitch. This partnership gives New World viewers on Twitch a chance at in-game drops.

New World Twitch Drop: How to Get

In order for players to earn Twitch-specific New World drops, they must first log into Twitch and set their profile to “Online.” Once that’s done, they can watch any New World stream that has a “Drops Enabled” tag on Twitch. It will not work if the streamer being watched does not have it enabled.

Viewers should keep an eye out for when the Twitch drop goal is reached. They are able to also claim their drops (and check their progress for getting said drop) in their Twitch inventory. Once the drop is obtained, players should make sure that their Twitch account and Steam account are linked.