New World Winter Convergence: Everything You Need to Know

We’ve put together a comprenhensive guide to everything you need to know about the Winter Convergence event in New World.
We’ve put together a comprenhensive guide to everything you need to know about the Winter Convergence event in New World. / Amazon Games

We’ve put together a comprenhensive guide to everything you need to know about the Winter Convergence event in New World.

Amazon Games’ MMORPG, New World, is hosting its own winter event full of quests, rewards, and in-game features for players to take advantage of. During this time, the “Winter Wanderer” known as the Yeti comes to Aeternum and the land is plunged into war between the season’s positive and negative sides. Players are tasked with collecting Winter Tokens to turn the Yule-tide and stop the Forever Winter.

New World Winter Convergence Dates

Winter Convergence will run from Dec. 16, 2021 to Jan. 11, 2022. At the time of writing, there are 16 days left in the celebration—nearly halfway through its duration.

We encourage interested parties to log on and enjoy the event before its gone for the year.

New World Winter Convergence: Winter Tokens Explained

The Winter Convergence event hinges on players completing seasonal tasks and visiting various new points of interest on the map. These award varying amounts of Winter Tokens that can then be used in the Winter Convergence pop-up shop to purchase rewards.

These rewards will expand as players progress through the event and rank-up their event reputation. At each new tier, new items will be available to purchase using Winter Tokens, including special food to increase crystal collection, uncommon weapons, rare weapons and armor, and cosmetic rewards such as furniture and emotes.

New World Winter Convergence Event Reputation Explained

Players can increase their event reputation by completing quests from the Yeti to help stop the Forever Winter and by finishing various tasks around the island. These will be outlined below with each granting a varying amount of reputation points and Winter Tokens.

It can be a bit of a grind, but the rewards in the Winter Convergence shop are only around for a limited time—making the work worth the effort to some.

There are six reputation tiers with Winter Convergence:

  • Reveler: 0 Reputation
  • Celebrant: 1000 Reputation
  • Merrymaker: 3000 Reputation
  • Joybringer: 6000 Reputation
  • Holiday Regent: 10,000 Reputation

New World Winter Convergence Points of Interest

There are two new types of POIs in New World in accordance with Winter Convergence: Winter Villages and Ice Caves.

Players must visit Winter Villages in order to begin the seasonal quests and, in some cases, perform Winter Convergence Tasks. There are four on Aeternum:

  • Eastern Brightwood
  • Northern Weaver’s Fen
  • Western Everfall
  • Southern Monarch’s Bluffs

Ice Caves contain intense winter magic and powerful enemies such as the Winter Warrior bent on bringing the Forever Winter. It’s up to players to help clear these caves and keep the Winter Warrior at bay. According to some outlets, there are 12 caves on Aeternum:

  • Western Edge of First Light near the border of Cutlass Keys
  • Southern Monarch’s Bluff
  • Eastern Windsward
  • Southern Everfall
  • Southern Ebonscale Reach
  • Northern Brightwood
  • Southern Great Cleave
  • Northwestern Great Cleave
  • Southern Edengrove
  • Northern Edengrove
  • Western Mournindale
  • Northern Shattered Mountains

These will remain after the event as scars on the land, demonstrating the immense power of the Winter Warrior that always lurks around the turn of the seasons.

New World Winter Convergence Tasks and Quests

Winter Convergence features its own quest line with each step increasing in difficulty. As players progress through the event, they may find themselves out leveled, as the recommended levels span from 15 to 60. The average required level is 25.

There are seven new quests in accordance with Winter Convergence:

  • The Winter Convergence
  • Tree of Light
  • Joy Recaptured
  • Gleamite Crystals
  • Yetis Abound
  • Wanderer Reborn
  • Winter Warrior

The first quest in the chain can be picked up from one of the four aforementioned Winter Villages.

In addition to quests, there are three repeatable tasks players can use to grind reputation and Winter Tokens: The Convergence Spirit, Lost Present Recovery, and Gleamite Showers.

The Convergence Spirit tasks players with performing town/settlement projects to upgrade each town’s Tree of Light.

Players can find Lost Presents all over Aeternum and return to them to the Winter Villages for Winter Tokens. Some presents may be floating through the sky and require a ranged weapon to be knocked down.

Every so often, at random intervals, a rift will open in the sky and Gleamite will rain down. These are called “Gleamite Showers” which scatter the ground with Gleamite deposits. The deposits can be mined, Gleamite collected, and then exchanged at Winter Villages.

More information about Winter Convergence can be found on the New World website.