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New World Woodsman Armor: How to Get

New World Woodsman Armor Skin and Hatchet
New World Woodsman Armor Skin and Hatchet / Photo by Amazon Games

When purchasing the New World Deluxe Edition, players can expect to receive exclusive in game content in addition to their copy of the game. Players can purchase New World from New World's official site, or directly through Steam. Deluxe Edition items are not limited to preorder, so players can safely purchase the game throughout the closed beta stage and after the official launch and still obtain their exclusive content.

The deluxe edition of New World comes with a host of goodies, including a mastiff house pet, an exclusive emote set, and a digital artbook. Players will also be pleased to find that when purchasing the deluxe edition they will receive an exclusive Woodsman Armor skin and a Woodsman Boarding Axe Skin, which will be unavailable for purchase in game.

New World Woodsman Armor: How to Get

If a player has purchased the Deluxe Edition and logged into the closed beta, they might be wondering where their exclusive perks and skins are. While the game is in beta, players will not have access to the exclusive content or the Woodsman Armor skin just yet.

When the game launches in full on Aug. 31 players can access all of their purchased content and try out their emotes and skins for the first time. So don't worry if you can't find your skin yet and blend into the scenery as an elusive woodsman – it will be applied to your account after the official launch.