Apex Legends

Newly Discovered Apex Bug Gives Teams Infinite Valkyrie Scan

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

On Friday, a newly discovered Valkyrie bug surfaced on Reddit, seemingly giving the Valkyrie's team an infinite scan. Posted by user EmanShamku, the potentially game-breaking bug was discovered while queueing with a Valkyrie player who decided they didn't want to stick around for that match.

As a part of Valkyrie's passive ability, she is able to spot and mark enemies while skydiving including upon jumping out of the dropship. Seemingly that ability can stick around if Valkyrie decides to leave mid-air, at least that's what Reddit user EmanShamku discovered in their Reddit clip about the new Valkyrie bug.

It's possible that Valkyrie's passive ability remained active because the game never recorded her touching the ground and thus the server automatically assumes the legend is still in the air, thus continuously granting her team a scan. Nevertheless, it is unknown exactly how this bug works or even if the bug can be replicated, but at least for this trio, they gained an unintentional tactical advantage.

Unfortunately for the remaining Octane and Gibraltar, they weren't able to capitalize on the advanced knowledge and wipe the three enemies pushing them.