Next Mass Effect Game Teased on N7 Day 2023

Check out the newest teaser for Mass Effect 4.
Check out the newest teaser for Mass Effect 4. / BioWare

BioWare just teased the next Mass Effect game as part of their N7 Day 2023 celebration.

N7 Day, or Nov. 7, marks the annual holiday for the Mass Effect franchise. Each year, BioWare releases collectables and merchandise to honor their RPG in big ways. This year, fans can purchase all Dark Horse Mass Effect and Dragon Age comics in a package, as well as an Omni-Blade LED Wall Art.

The celebration does not end there, though. After fans waited years for new information regarding the next Mass Effect title, BioWare finally offered insights into their next game, including a video teaser.

Next Mass Effect Game Teased on N7 Day 2023

N7 Day 2023 features a six-second teaser of an unknown character likely coming in the next Mass Effect game. BioWare did their best to keep the teaser difficult to find, posting it as an unlisted video on YouTube that fans can only access with a direct link.

Despite the secrecy surrounding the clip, it offers one major teaser for the next addition to the franchise: Epsilon. The true stakes of the access code are currently unknown; Epsilon could refer to the character or the title of Mass Effect 4. Either way, Epsilon promises new content in the coming year.

Most of the data on the video is encrypted, but an audio transcript states, "Although they should know by now not to underestimate human [redacted]."

With so many unknowns, the only thing we can be certain of is the growing excitement for the next Mass Effect game.

Developers Promise Mass Effect 4 Will Answer These Questions

In addition to the teaser video, BioWare revealed a list of questions they are dedicated to answering in Mass Effect 4. There might not be any plot or thematic logistics just yet, but we now expect to finally receive the answers plaguing the community over the last decade.

"We've asked ourselves many of the same questions you've asked us over the years!" Mike Gamble, Mass Effect Franchise Director, said. "What happened to everyone you know and love in the games? Who really died? Who had kids with whom? What does a baby volus sound like? What about all the galaxies? The endings! What the heck is going on with our asari scientist-turned-Shadowbroker?"

Although fans will have to wait quite some time to receive concrete answers in Mass Effect 4, the hype surrounding the release just got even greater.