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Next Nintendo Direct Coming in September Leak Claims

Image courtesy of Nintendo

The next Nintendo Direct is rumoured to be coming this September, and it's not completely unfounded.

The last Nintendo Direct happened on June 15 for E3 2021 and, not counting the recent Pokemon Presents Direct, that leaves three months without this particular presentation. Nintendo has hosted a Direct every September since 2016, so why break tradition now? It's the perfect time to focus on the remaining Nintendo titles that take us up to the end of the year.

The rumours stem from a known leaker, Zippo. In their blog post, the leaker states that while they do not know the content of the Direct, it's "logical to expect final looks at Metroid Dread, Mario Party Superstars, the final Smash character and Advance Wars 1+2."

Next Nintendo Direct Coming in September Leak Claims

Zippo isn't the only one talking about a possible Nintendo Direct. Many fans took to Twitter after realising that the yearly September Direct could potentially be approaching. User @ActualAero greeted the new month by calling it, "The only month where for the last 9 years we've always had a Nintendo Direct."

As always though, this is a rumour. There has been no official announcement of a Nintendo Direct. While Nintendo fans have a lot to be excited about, it's best not to set any expectations too high and to trust in the rumours at your own risk.