The next PUBG Xbox update will include balance changes to maps Vikendi and Erangel, according to a Reddit post Wednesday by console development team member KooSung Jeong.

In a short preview of the patch, Jeong explained that Vikendi's blue zone would be adjusted, but declined to share specifics. PUBG players will enjoy increased spawn rates for assault rifles and designated marksman rifles, plus an even greater spawn rate bump for sniper rifles.

The second round of Erangel rebalance changes will make similar adjustments, upping the spawn rates for assault rifles, designated marksman rifles and sniper rifles. Following the update, Erangel will be made the featured map on PUBG Xbox.

These changes and more will arrive in a patch scheduled to hit live servers June 27.

PUBG Corp has previously shared information about the upcoming visual remaster for Erangel. The developer expects those changes to arrive on PUBG Xbox later this summer.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp