Next PUBG Xbox Update Should Include Drastic Server Changes

PUBG Xbox updates can feel few and far in between. The last one made specifically for the Xbox came out more than a month ago.

The Xbox usually receives content slowly behind the PC, which constantly sees changes and new additions. But the Xbox doesn't need new guns or maps. The Xbox needs one unifying addition: server and graphic stability.

It's natural that PUBG Corp looks to add increasingly more aesthetic content, the Xbox doesn't need that. PUBG Corp needs to take a long look at itself and realize that PUBG is nowhere near as polished as Fortnite or Apex Legends.

Anyone who plays PUBG on the Xbox knows that there is a high chance of crashing while you play. The servers are laggy, high ping, and full of bugs. While the fans flood Reddit to complain about all the issues the game has, PUBG Corp will release another set of skins.

Obviously, the game would be in a better place with better servers, yet PUBG still struggles with a slow paced game. Compared to any other battle royale game, PUBG is by far the slowest of the pack. Games can drag for long periods of time without any action and sometimes, without any good loot. People that play PUBG, enjoy the slower, more strategic gameplay, but PUBG would be in a much better place if better loot was made more available.

If PUBG Xbox players were able to run around more stable servers with better loot, you'll see a better PUBG experience in general.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp