NFL Players Leak CoD MW2 Multiplayer Images

Promotional image of upcoming Modern Warfare 2.
Promotional image of upcoming Modern Warfare 2. / Image courtesy of Activision

Leaked images have surfaced of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer lobby, thanks to an LA Rams NFL player.

Images have begun circulating online of what appears to be Modern Warfare 2's upcoming mulitplayer, revealing an early look at the game's lobby. The images appeared from a now-deleted Instagram post by LA Rams player Cameron Dicker.

NFL players were treated to an early playtest of the upcoming Modern Warfare 2, where an image was accidentally shared onto Dicker's Instagram reel. No doubt Activision's damage control swarmed in and had the image taken down pretty rapidly, being replaced by the game's cover art.

But, no matter how briefly something appears on the internet, it's sure to be spread around like wildfire.

NFL Player Accidentally Leaks Modern Warfare 2 Images

The leaked screenshot gave us the first look at Modern Warefare 2's upcoming multiplayer lobby. In all fairness, there's not much to see. The lobby looks like what you'd expect from a CoD game — player list, settings, map preview.

But the image does confirm one of the maps — the museum-based Valderas Museum, a previously leaked map.

With the game's Early Access beta likely to kick-off in the coming weeks, it won't be long before players will be able to see it all for themselves.