#NFLDropEA Trend Starts Boycotting Madden 21

#NFLDropEA trend starts boycotting Madden 21 after an overwhelmingly negative reaction by fans
#NFLDropEA trend starts boycotting Madden 21 after an overwhelmingly negative reaction by fans / EA Sports

Furious football fans are demanding the NFL drops its partnership with EA Sports after the release of what some are calling an "atrocious" and "straight up unplayable" game in Madden 21.

Users have taken to social media and critical review sites all over the internet to proclaim their dissatisfaction over the final product, released Aug. 28. Words like "trash," "broken," and "criminal" are the least of the insults hurled at developer EA in the past 24 hours. Madden players were so worked up about this that they were able to get the hashtag "#NFLDropEA" up to third place on Twitter's trending tab.

#NFLDropEA Trends Amid Madden 21 Disappointment

This outrage appears to be the final straw that broke the camel's back. It's no secret that Madden fans have been disappointed by franchise installments in recent years. Chief among these complaints is the alleged re-packaging and retailing the same game with a higher price tag every year.

According to players, Madden 21 is even further rift with glitches and bugs of every genre. Visual discrepancies delete maps or characters entirely both on the field and during cutscenes. Gameplay issues plague matches with individuals picking up and carrying others or getting caught in animation loops indefinitely.

Many were quick to compare this game to the much-beloved one developed by SEGA. Additionally, one common belief among users is glutton laziness on the part of EA due to its vice grip on the sports simulation market.

Overall, the calls to boycott the franchise entirely were the loudest. Some fans believe that hitting the NFL where it hurts—in the wallet—will be the quickest route to affect change.

Madden 21 currently has a 62 Metascore with a 0.3 User Score on Metacritic, officially replacing Blizzard's Warcraft III: Reforged as the lowest User Scored game on the site. There has been no word from EA or the NFL over the proposed boycott at the time of writing.