NHL 20 Battle Royale: Everything You Need to Know About Eliminator Mode

NHL 20 Battle Royale is a new game mode introduced this year. It's called Eliminator, and it's an 81 player free-for-all tournament. Here's everything you need to know about this new game mode.

NHL20 Battle Royale

OK, it's not technically a proper Battle Royale like PUBG or Fortnite. Rather, it's a fast paced single elimination tournament inspired by battle royale shooters. The 81 players don't participate on the rink at the same time like you'd expect upon hearing "hockey battle royale." There are two modes: singles and squads of three, called Ones Eliminator and Threes Eliminator, respectively.

In Ones Eliminator, you're put up against two other players on a half-rink as you all try to score five points using the same goal. Then you'll advance to the next round until there's only one player standing.

Threes Eliminator has you with two teammates going against another squad of three, this time on a full court. The first team to score seven will advance to the next round.

The Eliminator Mode is already well received by players on the beta, and is a welcome arcade style addition to the annual hockey franchise. It's relaxing to be able to play a competitive game mode that doesn't require hours of grinding or paying out for the best team.

Photo courtesy of EA Vancouver.