NHL 21 New Features Detailed

What are the new features in NHL 21?
What are the new features in NHL 21? / Photo by EA Sports

NHL 21 new features is on the mind of hockey fans as the latest in the annual sports franchise releases today. What's new in NHL 21?

NHL 21 New Features Detailed

Besides the expected roster updates, NHL 21 has a few new features that build upon last year's NHL 20. There isn't anything particularly innovative like the surprisingly fun Ones Eliminator mode this year, but there are updates to the game that should be fun nonetheless.

HUT Rush

HUT Rush is a new game mode for NHL 21 that rewards stylish players. You'll be playing 3-v-3 or 5-v-5 matches, and your scoring will modify based on your style. The mode also features some modifiers to spice up the games like Money Puck and First Goal Wins.

New Story

The Be a Pro storyline has been updated with hundreds of new dialogue options, making the choices off-rink just as important as the ones during a game.

Gameplay Updates

It's never known exactly how much better the gameplay is compared to last year's stellar NHL 20, but EA promises that NHL has vast improvements to the AI and overall gameplay precision.

Ranked CHEL

New for NHL 21 is a ranked mode for World of CHEL. You'll be able to earn rewards across the game modes in a competitive setting.

NHL 21 is out now for Xbox One and PS4.