NHL 21 Review Roundup

Let's roundup the reviews for NHL 21.
Let's roundup the reviews for NHL 21. / Photo by EA Sports

NHL 21 Review Roundup will see how well reception of the game has been. NHL 21 released today, so let's check out what the community thinks about it.

According to Metacritic, the game has somewhat favorable reviews by critics but has a low user score. The game has good features, though most of them are lifted from last year's stellar NHL 20. The game itself is decent but is marred only by technical issues that have made the game almost unplayable at times.

NHL 21 Review Roundup

Critics' Consensus

The critic's score on Metacritic is 77. The main criticisms are the usual suspects for these annual EA Sports releases: paltry new features and an overall rehash of last year's product. The improvements to the AI aren't as sophisticated as EA would advertise, with critics and players alike noticing things like goalies being generally worse this year.

User Experience

The user reviews are a little more interesting, as they're mostly aggressively negative reviews that are part and parcel for yearly sports games. Heading to the NHL 21 subreddit sees many users report on bugs and server issues. Players are mainly concerned with the lack of any real, new features to the game. The game is currently rated 5.4 over 18 reviews.

A user on the subreddit has compiled the various bugs and warns that the game is unplayable in its current state. The servers are also having trouble updating the game's roster. The good in the game is currently buried underneath loads of technical problems.

It seems best to wait until the hotfixes are applied before diving into NHL 21.