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NHL 23 Cross-Platform Matchmaking Explained

EA Sports

NHL 23 released on Oct. 14, and one welcomed addition to the game had to be cross-platform matchmaking.

EA's latest NHL game came with some pretty cool changes, like the addition of women players to Ultimate Team, as well as two great cover athletes being showcased on the cover of the game. Another cool new feature had to be cross-platform play.

EA is taking the latest NHL game to the next level with cross-platform matchmaking. The addition into the game means that PS5 players and Xbox Series X/S players can play against each other online. The same is true for PS4 and Xbox One players.

NHL 23 Cross-Platform Matchmaking Explained

NHL 23 is not as popular as some of the other EA Sports games, so being able to play cross-platform is huge for decreasing load in times for online games. There are a few caveats that need to be explained.

For starters, the game simply allows cross-platform play, not cross generation. Meaning if you have a friend who hasn't gotten their hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S you won't be able to play online with or against them. The game also does not allow for players on opposite consoles to play on the same team. Random matchmaking is the only way players are going to end up playing against a different console in an online game.

Cross-platform matchmaking is also not available at launch. While the game released on Oct. 14, EA does not plan to release that feature until November. We will have to wait and see how much this new addition decreases load in times for online modes.