Nickit Evolution, Location, Stats: Pokémon Sword & Shield

Nickit's evolution will be revealed during the launch of Pokémon Sword & Shield. Players are finally able to explore the beautiful Galar region and discover all types of new Pokémon. One of the new Pokémon in Generation VII is the dark-type Fox Pokémon Nickit.

Here are Nickit's evolution, location, and stats in Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Nickit Evolution

Nickit's evolves at level 18 into Thievul. Like Nickit, Thievul is a solo dark-type. Thievel learns moves at a slower rate than Nickit, but unlike its first form, has the ability to learn the dark-type move Parting Shot at level 52.

Parting shot was a former signature move of the Pangoro evolutionary line, and is a status move that lowers the target's Attack and Sp. attack stats by one stage, and then switches the user out.

Nickit Location

Nickit can be found fairly early in the trainer's adventure in Pokémon Sword & Shield. In both games, Nickit can be seen running around on Route 1, Route 2, Dusty Bowl, Giant's Mirror and Stony Wilderness. Nickit can also be encountered during Max Raid Battles.

Nickit Stats

Nickit's possible abilities are Run Away and Unburden, and its Hidden Ability is Stakeout.

Nickit's Base Stats are as follows:

HP: 40
Attack: 28
Defense: 28
Sp. Attack: 47
Sp. Defense: 52
Speed: 50

After Nickit evolves into Thievul, its base stats are as follows:

HP: 70
Attack: 58
Defense: 58
Sp. Attack: 87
Sp. Defense: 92
Speed: 90

Photo Courtesy of Game Freak