Apex Legends

NICKMERCS Claims That Despite Nerf, Valkyrie is Still a Part of the Meta

Respawn Entertainment

Season 14 of Apex Legends was released Tuesday and along with it came some must-needed adjustments. These changes may not have completely changed the current meta, but instead added balance.

It was no question that Valkyrie was one of the most commonly picked legends in the game. Almost every squad had a Valkyrie on it. And for good reason too, everything about her was good.

But with the start of Season 14, Valkyrie received a much-needed nerf. In the patch notes, the hardest hit was to her VTOL Jets and her Skyward Dive. Her Skyward Dive received a 25% decrease to the maximum height and it now takes half a second longer to launch.

Her VTOL Jets received the bigger nerf though. The biggest changes are "Acceleration on Activation decreased by about 8%" and "Fuel Consumption on activation increased by 33%". And when she gets shot in the air, she moves slower.

These are big changes for a popular legend, but according to one of her biggest users, NICKMERCS, she is still a part of the meta.

"She's still got beacon which is f***ing huge. That makes her still playable," Valkyrie losing her ability to use beacons was something that was discussed, but never actually came to fruition.

Valkyrie is still one of the best legends when it comes to movement and movement is always one of the most important things for all Apex players to take into consideration.