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NICKMERCS Reveals Groza Warzone Loadout Showing How Overpowered it is

NICKMERCS' New "OP" Weapon in Warzone
NICKMERCS' New "OP" Weapon in Warzone / Photo courtesy of Activision

NICKMERCS' new "OP" weapon in Warzone saw him absolutely dominate a Call of Duty lobby. Routinely using a mix of meta weapons and his personal favorites, Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff turned to the Groza after the recent nerf to the FFAR. “It shoots really fast, it kills really fast, it has high damage at close range. It’s got a big magazine. It’s not better than the FFAR, but it’s almost there," said NICKMERCS.

As the meta weapons in Warzone quickly change after each update, most players conform and change their guns to make sure they can keep up with the best of the best in Verdansk. While the Groza doesn't out perform the FFAR in a head to head fight, it will serve those who use it well in the right circumstance.

NICKMERCS' New "OP" Weapon in Warzone
Stock Groza from Black Ops Cold War / Photo courtesy of Activision

NICKMERCS' New "OP" Weapon in Warzone

“People swear by it, and honestly, it’s really not a bad gun. It’s pretty damn OP if you use it the right way,” NICKMERCS said. Still he commented on how if players aren't using the FFAR they probably are not getting many wins. “I do think you can get away with using the Groza a little bit. In my opinion, it’s better than the MAC-10, it definitely replaces every other SMG,” he said.

In a game where the FaZe Clan member drops more than 20 kills and uses the Groza to counter a few 2-v-1 and 3-v-1 situations, it's safe to say that it won't be long before this gun is a permanent addition to everyone's loadout.