Nidalee April Fool's Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Riot Games

To celebrate the upcoming holiday of April Fool's Day in League of Legends, four champions will be receiving themed skins for the day, Nidalee being one of them.

Nidalee's April Fool's skin will be accompanied by skins for Kled, Kindred and Yuumi, all in the same feline theme to celebrate the holiday's prankster nature. There is no official name given for this collection of skins, besides the accompanying tweet with the video showed that features some of the skin's animations that reads "Meet your fur-ever friends!".

Below is some speculative information on the details of skin to give players some idea of what they can expect.

Nidalee April Fool's Skin Splash Art

There is no officially released splash art for Nidalee's April Fool's skin as of the publication of this article, once official splash art comes out, it can be found here.

Nidalee April Fool's Skin Price

Nidalee's April Fool's skin can be expected to cost around 1,350 RP, but there is no official information regarding how much these skins can be purchased for.

Nidalee April Fool's Skin Release Date

There is no date from Riot as to when the skins can be bought in-game, but as is typically with the April Fool's skins, they can be purchased sometime around the actual holiday's date, Apr. 1.

How to Get Nidalee April Fool's Skin

Nidalee's April Fool's skin can be bought for the estimated price established earlier, or by players using other in-game methods which leave the chances for receiving the skin up to their luck.