Nidoking Weakness Pokemon GO

Nidoking Weakness Pokemon GO: How to beat this raid boss
Nidoking Weakness Pokemon GO: How to beat this raid boss / Niantic Labs

Nidoking weakness in Pokemon GO is crucial for trainers looking to take on this raid boss before it disappears.

Niantic Labs shifts its featured raid Pokemon every so often to make sure trainers are adequately entertained and challenged on their adventure. There are several tiers, denoted with stars, that describe the difficulty of each boss.

Nidoking is a three-star raid boss at the time of writing, meaning that each part of the team will need to pull their weight to take him down.

Nidoking Weakness Pokemon GO

Nidoking is a poison and ground-type Pokemon hailing from the Kanto region. It has a CP ceiling of 2567, defense of 156, attack of 204, and stamina of 191. In raids, trainers can expect it to have anywhere between 1300 to 1800 CP—depending on the weather.

Nidoking's weaknesses are water, ground, psychic, and ice-types. This means that its best counter choices are Mewtwo, Gyrados, Abomasnow, and even itself. Trainers should select high-power Pokemon with moves like Confusion, Psycho, Cut, Waterfall, Powder Snow, and Earth Power.

As mentioned above, Nidoking is originally from the Kanto region. It is part of the original 151 with a PokeDex number of 34. Nidoking evolves from the purple male Nidoran and then Nidorino with the use of 100 candies. Mainstream veteran trainers may remember Nidoking and its female counterpart, Nidoqueen, from their unique variant evolutionary lines.