Nightmare Ghost Ship Lost Ark Guide

Image courtesy of Smilegate RPG

In Lost Ark, Nightmare Ghost Ships present one of the countless events players can take part in to nab unique and useful rewards whilst visiting islands and exploring the seas of Arkesia.

Unfortunately, the Nightmare Ghost Ships themselves are a bit of a nightmare to track down and actually complete as well. As such, here's a breakdown of what they are, where to find them and what rewards they hold for those who complete them in Lost Ark.

Nightmare Ghost Ship Lost Ark Guide

Nightmare Ghost Ships are essentially special events/mini-raids that appear at random while sailing. They appear in-game as mysterious, abandoned ships accompanied by a violent storm, as well as on the map as small grey ships, before playing a short cutscene.

The Nightmare Ghost Ships only spawn once every few hours on the dot, so it may take a lot of patience to track one down.

After encountering it, players will then be teleported onto the ship and tasked with eliminating waves of enemies before time runs out to successfully complete the event. As such, it’s best to go in with a group, either with friends or randoms.

The rewards for besting Nightmare Ghost Ships are said to be well worth it, ranging from engravings to Pirate Coins, but the catch is you can only claim rewards from these raids once a week, so you can't really farm them.

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