Ninja Talks About His Return to Fortnite After Break

Ninja returns to Fortnite after committing to Riot Games' Valorant
Ninja returns to Fortnite after committing to Riot Games' Valorant | Photo Courtesy of Epic Games

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins made a return to Fortnite after taking a break from the battle royale for several months. Ninja cited several reasons why he abandoned the game for Valorant where he would find some success playing alongside pro players.

Here is what Ninja had to say about his absence from Fortnite.

Ninja Returns to Fortnite After Playing Valorant

Most games are on a timeline. They remain popular for some time as companies produce content as often as possible. But often times, these games become stale and even boring. In a stream, Ninja says "honestly the game was not fun to me it felt super stale, super boring and honestly I don't have anything good to say about this game the last two seasons."

Fortnite has gone through several changes since Blevins last played and most recently, established a partnership with Marvel during Chapter 2 Season 4. New weapons, mechanics and content have been added to the game which has added a new twist to gameplay. Ninja's return to Fortnite shows that Epic Games is doing something right. They lost one of their biggest content creators for months and have now managed to entice him back. Hopefully, Fortnite continues to improve and take advantage of its renewed popularity amongst gamers.