Ninja Glitches into The Collider in New Fortnite Bug

Image courtesy of Epic Games via Hypex

Popular streamer Ninja has already stumbled across a bug with new Fortnite POI — The Collider.

Fortnite's latest update has begun the shift towards the end of the season, with new clues pointing towards a Doomsday-like finale. Of the new features added in the update is new POI — The Collider.

This POI is a brand new location on the map, presented as a giant ominous tower. And, with any new update, fans and streamers alike are quick to test out everything it has to offer. That was certainly the case with Ninja, who quickly found that The Collider might not be as solid as it first appears.

Ninja Finds New Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 Bug on Stream

In a duo stream alongside SypherPK, Ninja managed to glitch himself inside The Collider in the midst of battle. This POI isn't supposed to be entered — at least not at this point — possessing no doors or entry points. But, players have figured out that by simply running into it.

SypherPK made his way into the structure in pursuit of another player who was using it to heal. It seems that damage cannot be dealth while inside the structure, making this quite the sneaky exploit. Check out the clip here.

Fortunately, it wasn't a game ender. Using Shockwave Grenades they were able to push out any other players camping inside.

Given that the bug has been featured on the streams of such high-profile players, it's likely to be fixed before too long.