Ninja Reportedly Made $5 Million in One Month with Creator Code

$5 million in one month? Light work for Ninja
$5 million in one month? Light work for Ninja / JC Olivera/Getty Images

In his return to Fortnite this past week, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins reminisced about his past experiences with Fortnite, and revealed an astonishing financial figure to his audience. While playing the ever-popular battle royale, Ninja discussed how back in 2018, he brought home $5 million through Fortnite's Support-a-Creator program, which allows Creators to receive 5% of purchases made with their Creator Code.

It shouldn't be too surprising to hear that Ninja made this amount of money, considering his meteoric rise to Twitch stardom back in 2018, which netted him reportedly millions of dollars just in revenue from Twitch and YouTube, not to mention sponsorship money. Through his Fortnite streams and highlights, he became a household name across America, before cashing in, and jumping to Mixer for a record $50 million dollars, although he reportedly only received around $20-30 million before Mixer shuttered its doors.

Of course, Ninja isn't the only streamer to bring in millions, whether it's through sponsorship deals or subs and donations. Many other streamers, across both Twitch and YouTube, have discussed their financial situation, and how lucrative their relative streams have become.

As streaming continues to become more popular, it wouldn't be surprising to see streamers continue to make record amounts of money, perhaps even putting Ninja's $5 million in one month to shame sometime in the future.