Nintendo Direct Bingo: 3 Fun Bingo Cards to Play During the Broadcast

Nintendo Direct Bingo is always a fun thing to do whenever there's a Direct, especially a long 40 minute one like the one set for Sept. 4. Here are three fun Bingo cards you can follow along with during the show!

Nintendo Direct Bingo Cards

This one is taken from Obiligatory_Username from r/NintendoSwitch:

This one was made by Nintendo Wire:

And this one is mine! Based off of Obligatory_Username's template:

As you can tell, I am a huge No More Heroes fan. With the amount of care Nintendo took in making Travis Strikes Back's release the best it can be, I think No More Heroes is on their radar as a popular cult classic. I am also personally excited to see if we get the final evolutions of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Starters.

Most of the bingo cards are wishful thinking, but we can look forward to some big announcement as we get close to the holiday season. The Direct will air at 6 p.m. ET Wednesday.