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Nintendo Files Patent for Anti-Cheat Software

Image courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo could be looking to take competitive gaming more seriously after filing a patent for anti-cheat software.

The patent, as spotted by Op Attack, is seemingly for Nintendo's online games and is described as a "systems and method for identifying modified program data." While nit explicitly confirmed, this appears to be a form of anti-cheat software that will identify when a user attempts to modify software.

The official description reads, "The official description of the patent reads: "The technology described implements attestation programs that employ 'code reuse' techniques. In particular, the technology relates to auto-generating attestation programs for, among other aspects, detecting whether a program has been modified.”

The patent continues by saying how "cheating is egregiously prevalent where the gaming environment is extended to gaming particularly multiplayer gaming over the internet. In particular, users are able to modify software in a way that enables them to have advantages over other players on different systems across a multiplayer game.

These unfair advantages result in the game being much less satisfying to the user thereby affecting the overall human-user experience and interaction in the game. Moreover, such modifications to the game program create certain security risks for the game system."

There's no hint as to when we could see this software roll out, or for which games Nintendo are targeting. It's likely that the software will be most useful in the likes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or the upcoming Splatoon 3.

Nintendo cracking down on cheating will no doubt come as a relief for fans of these competitive online games.

A previous version of this artcile cited Nintendo Life as the outlet who spotted the patent. This has now been corrected to Op Attack, who were the first to compile the report.