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Nintendo No-Comments Switch Pro Questions

Nintendo has once again refused to confirm the existence of a Switch Pro.
Nintendo has once again refused to confirm the existence of a Switch Pro. / Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo president Shuntao Furukawa declined to comment on the rumored upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch during a shareholder Q&A this month, keeping the long-reported project under wraps.

"The Company will continue to focus on creating unique games, and in order to achieve this, we will continue to propose games using a dedicated game console with integrated hardware and software," he said.

"We are constantly developing hardware, software, and dedicated peripherals, but we will refrain from commenting on specific products under development."

Furukawa's lack-of-comment comes after months of reporting that details the technical specifications and possible release schedule for the upgraded Switch, often referred to as the Switch Pro though it has no official name. Some of that reporting indicated the console would be revealed at E3, but the event came and went without an announcement from Nintendo.

Previous reports on the console have claimed it will be released in September of October. It will sport a 7-inch Samsung OLED screen and use DLSS technology to output 4K video when docked. It will slowly replace the base Switch model, becoming the core offering alongside the more mobile-friendly Switch Lite.