Nintendo Opening Museum Gallery in Japan

A perspective drawing of the coming Nintendo Gallery.
A perspective drawing of the coming Nintendo Gallery. / Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo is opening opening a museum in its Uji Ogura plant in Kyoto, the company has announced. The gallery will "showcase the many products Nintendo has launched over its history," per the company's news release.

Nintendo had been considering building a gallery as a way to "share Nintendo's product development history and philosophy with the public." The Uji Ogura plant will be renovated to serve this purpose as part of the city of Uji's development plans for the area near the Ogura station.

Nintendo's Uji Ogura Plant was originally known simply as the Uji Plant when it built in 1969. Nintendo changed its name in 1988 after additional construction and renovation built the plant out. The facility has been used to manufacture playing cards and Hanafuda cards, and has operated as a customer service center for product repairs. Most of its functions moved over to the new Uji plant in November 2016, leaving the space without a purpose.

The new Nintendo Gallery — the site's tentative name — is expected to be completed by March 2024, but there's no news about when the gallery would open to the public.