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Nintendo Says Transition to Next Console is a 'Major Concern'

Photo courtesy Nintendo

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa says the eventual transition from the Switch to whatever console comes next is "a major concern," for the company, VGC reports.

In a Q&A with Japanese investors translated by VGC, Furukawa said the company had learned its lessons transitioning from the Wii (101.6 million units sold) to the Wii U (13.5 million), and from the DS (154 million) to the 3DS (75 million). The move from the Wii U to the Switch was a major return to form for Nintendo, with the new console selling over 107 million units as of the latest tally.

"The question of whether we will be able to just as smoothly from the Nintendo Switch to the next generation of hardware is a major concern for us," Furukawa said. "Based on our experiences with the Wii, Nintendo DS, and other hardware, it is very clear that one of the major obstacles is how to easily transition from one hardware to the next.

"To help alleviate this risk, we’re focusing on building long-term relationships with our customers. While we will continue launching new software on the Nintendo Switch, we will also provide services that also use Nintendo Accounts and other IP outside of gaming software. We intend for this to help build a lasting impact with our customers."

Nintendo still believes the Switch is in the middle of its lifecycle, and the release of the OLED model in October supports that view. The base model of the console just had its North American price drop by $40, down to $259.99. The company said in November it was discussing the concept and launch timing for its next console.