Nintendo Switch Gets 14.1.1 Firmware Update

Image courtesy of Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch console has just received another update. Here's what you can expect.

While Nintendo Switch players still have their own wishlists for what they want to come to the console, Nintendo is still concerning themselves with stability. In this latest firmware patch, players might nnot see too many drastic or unexpected changes, unlike the previous 14.0.0 patch.

It seems that the long (and possibly futile) wait for more system themes continues, as only one update was added to this patch.

Nintendo Switch 14.1.1 Firmware Update: Full Notes Detailed

The 14.1.1 Nintendo Switch update includes the following patch:

  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

It's likely most players won't notice any differences, but improvements to the system's overall stability is still a good thing. The most recent patch, 14.1, didn't add too much extra either. Players received a new notification system for unclaimed Platinum Points, alongside the option to toggle them off.

This latest update should begin downloading automatically, providing your Nintendo Switch system is connected to the internet. If not, players can head to the System Settings menu to manually trigger the update.

Players should expect to restart their Nintendo Switch after downloading the update.