Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories You Need

Nintendo Switch Lite accessories will be especially important for the console. Marketed as a portable handheld console, the trimmed down Nintendo Switch Lite model is encouraged to be brought about town. If you're gonna be moving it around, you'll want to protect it. Here are some accessories to make your portable gaming experience as comfortable as possible.

Nintendo Switch Lite Accessories

Carry Case and Screen Protector

This official carrying case includes a screen protector and has compartments to hold some games. The screen protector will be more valuable to a console that's mean to be moved around, and the slim profile of the case will keep the console's portability while giving some protection against scratches and dings. $19.99

Samsung EVO+ 256GB UHS-I microSDXC U3 Memory Card

For ultimate portability, you can use a microSD card and download games. This 256GB microSD card features 95mbps transfer speeds, so you won't be stuck waiting for things to download. This particular card is X-ray, magnet, and temperature proof. $57.95

Anker PowerCore Nintendo Switch Edition

13400 Model
13400 Model /

Anker is one of the best and most reliable in the external battery business. The 13400 will give your normal Switch another 1.7 charges, but if you need even more juice, the 20100 model will give you 2.5 charges. The Switch Lite will feature improved battery life, which will make these external batteries even more efficient. The batteries will also, of course, work with all your other devices, so if you don't already have an external battery it might not be a bad idea to grab one of these. 13400 $69.99. 20100 $139.95

Adjustable Charging Stand

The Switch Lite doesn't have a kick stand, so if you're using external controllers you can rig up a tabletop mode with this Adjustable Charging Stand. Even without extra controllers, it will also serve as a nice and neat place to park your Switch Lite for the night on your desk or nightstand. $19.99


Japanese gaming accessory manufacturer HORI has announced they will have a full range of official Switch Lite accessories at launch. While nothing has been shown yet, HORI has a history of some of the highest quality and most reliable accessories, especially for Nintendo. Their screen protectors are particularly great. Keep an eye out for HORI's offerings as we approach release.

The Nintendo Switch Lite launches Sept. 20, 2019.