Nintendo Switch's Latest Software Update Improves N64 Emulation

Image courtesy of Nintendo

A new software update for the Nintendo Switch seems to have improved its N64 emulation, targeting The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time specifically.

Nintendo added the ability to play through some the Nintendo 64's classic catalog as part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, though their performances have so far been hit or miss. Fans looking to revisit some of the bygone classics quickly ran into issues, such as input lag and audio problems.

Not the best start for a service which had quickly faced criticism over its price point for the expansion. However, it seems that Nintendo has decided to address the issues, albeit quietly. A new software update was recently deployed, alongwith the addition of Banjo-Kazooie to the service.

One speedrunner took to Twitter to share the graphical comparisons between the pre-updated version of Ocarina of Time and the current one. They mentioned, however, that the input lag was still an issue, though it had been slightly improved.

It seems as though the fixes weren't made to the games themselves, but rather the emulator. Graphical issues that players had previously experienced seem to have stemmed from a breakage along the way, which, according to dataminer @LuigiBlood in a statement to Kotaku, Nintendo "possibly didn’t have enough time to fix.”

While it's safe to say that more improvements could certainly be made to the service, and to the emulator in general, these fixes should help to better the gameplay slightly.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is set to be added to the service in February. While the ordeal with Ocarina of Time might have put off some players from revisiting the cult classic, perhaps the latest improvements to the emulator could make for a smoother experience.