Nintendo Switch Sports Gets April Release Date

Volleyball as seen in Nintendo Switch Sports.
Volleyball as seen in Nintendo Switch Sports. / Image courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Sports has been given a release date, thanks to the latest Nintendo Direct.

Wii Sports finally has a new-gen successor. Nintendo Switch Sports was announced yesterday as part of the Nintendo Direct. This updated installment will see the return of three classic minigames - Tennis, Bowling, and Wii Sports: Resort favorite Chambara. Joining these well-loved sports are also Soccer, Badminton, and Volleyball.

Like Wii Sports, the game will support motion controls courtesy of the Joy-Cons. Be sure to wear the Joy-Con strap, or we'll be heading for another era of smashed TVs. Interestingly, for the soccer game, players will be able to strap a Joy-Con to their leg with the appropriate accessory. During Shootout Mode, players will be able to use this for a more active experience and a higher chance of kicked-in TV sets. A free Summer update will be adding the ability to play full matches just like this too.

Nintendo looks to be adding more sports to the game in future. Arriving in the Fall, players will be able to try their hand at Golf - another returning classic.

When is the Nintendo Switch Sports Release Date?

Nintendo Switch Sports is set to release on April 29, 2022.

An online playtest is planned to take place between Feb. 18 - 20, where players with Nintendo Switch Online memberships can test out Bowling, Tennis and Chambara. Sadly, only random matchmaking will be available for the playtest so no playing with friends just yet.