No, Bloodborne Remastered Has Not Been Announced

Sorry hunters.
Sorry hunters. / Courtesy of FromSoftware

Bloodborne fans are a ravenous group, and a rumor floating around Twitter has them worked into a frenzy at the prospect of a PC remaster for the game. Unfortunately, the news is too good to be true.

Twitter users logged onto the site Monday morning to find what appeared to be trusted (and apparently all-seeing) video games news aggregator Nibellion posting news about a Bloodborne remake coming to PS5 in 2022 and PC in 2023. The account in question claimed the remake would feature "a wide range of enhancements including 60 FPS, native 4K resolution, and Ray traced reflections," with Bluepoint Games leading development alongside Nixxes Software. That was enough for thousands to retweet the post, broadcasting its message across the site.

But it doesn't take much to see the holes in this largely harmless attempt at trolling. For one thing, the PlayStation Blog post linked in the tweet is an archived blog from 2015 about Bloodborne's Chalice Dungeons — not a remake. A close inspection of the Twitter user responsible also reveals their username to be Nlbellion, with that first lowercase "L" masquerading as the first "I" in Nibellion.

Nibellion himself responded to the impostor's tweet, jokingly writing "This better be real." He also clarified on his own account that he had no Bloodborne news to share.

FromSoftware released Bloodborne as a PlayStation 4 exclusive in 2015. It was met with widespread acclaim, and the game's esteem has only grown in the following seven years. With the release of Elden Ring pushing interest in Souls-like games further into the mainstream than it's ever been, a Bloodborne remake seems a safe financial bet — if the parties involved should ever decide to put one together.

The fake Nibellion incident also raises questions around why one of the most trusted and widely read aggregators of video game news on Twitter hasn't had his account officially verified by Twitter. Nibellion says he did try once to get verified, but that nothing came of it.

"I actually filled out that form once, and they denied me but never gave me a reason," he wrote. "Haven't bothered with it since and as long as most people recognize my real account, it's whatever."