No Lifeline Changes Coming in Apex Legends Season 13, Respawn Confirms

Could Lifeline use a buff?
Could Lifeline use a buff? / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Heading into Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors, it's safe to say that many in the community wanted to see Lifeline receive a bit of a rework.

In Defiance, Lifeline maintained a moderate pick rate that suggests she's neither too weak nor too strong. However, it remains no secret that, at least in higher levels of play, the Combat Medic is far from a viable pick. According to Respawn Entertainment senior game designer Devan McGuire, it appears players shouldn't hold their breath for Lifeline changes coming anytime soon.

During a Q&A press event for Apex Legends: Saviors, McGuire revealed that "no Lifeline changes are coming in Season 13."

Lifeline has been a frequent target of criticism among those unsatisfied with her kit over the seasons, with complaints specifically targeting her Combat Medic passive ability and her Care Package ultimate ability. By far the strongest version of Lifeline seen in-game was when her D.O.C drone had the ability to revive players with an unbreakable shield, which forced enemy teams to push Lifeline's even though she could continue to provide covering fire for her shielded and reviving teammates.

Respawn eventually landed on the current version of Lifeline, which still allows her to use her drone to revive players and protect them, but without a shield. It works rather well, and most believe Lifeline is in a good spot with her revive, but that her other abilities could use some work.

While Respawn will continue to evaluate and assess her kit, it's less inclined to prioritize reworking Lifeline at the moment because of her overall healthy pick rate.

McGuire also addressed the concerns over Lifeline being replaced by Newcastle, maintaining that the two serve different roles as the Combat Medic has the ability to remotely revive two teammates simultaneously, while the Heroic Defender drags downed allies and protects them with a shield while they're being picked up.