Apex Legends

No Major Character Buffs or Nerfs Ahead of ALGS Championships, According to Apex Devs

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Players shouldn't expect any drastic changes to their Legends, as Respawn developers suggest they want to maintain consistency ahead of the ALGS Championships.

Developers behind Apex Legends have suggested that they won't be making any major buffs or nerfs to the game's current roster of Legends, citing that they don't want too much to change ahead of the ALGS Championships. As Season 13 sees yet another legend join the roster, keeping everyone well-balanced and consistent has become a challenge.

Despite the Apex community calling for various buffs and nerfs to be rolled out, when the line-up is so varied it becomes harder and harder to make decent, well-rounded changes.

That said, it seems the devs aren't too keen on making any changes to the meta ahead of the Global Series. Live Balance Designer John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson said in a Twitter discussion that they "didn't want to rock the boat too much before Champs with teams practicing with a specific meta."

The statement came in response to a discussion where players were discussing subtle nerfs being rolled out to Legends with 90%+ pick rate.

While Larson said that the devs did toy with the idea of making Valkyrie and Assault type, ultimately they felt it would end up hampering Legend diversity.

While Respawn might not be ready to make any changes before a large esports event, it's often the case that changes follow based on pro plays and experiences. Depending on how we see the ALGS play out might end up shaping some of the future buffs and nerfs that make their way to Apex in the near-future.