No Man's Sky is Heading to Switch This Summer

Image courtesy of Hello Games

No Man's Sky, the ambitious space exploration sim, will be heading to the Nintendo Switch this Summer.

Hello Games' No Man Sky will be making its Switch debut later this year. Scavenging for resources across a near infinite procedurally generated universe will now be possible on the go. The game has received a number of free major content releases since its launch, with many regarding it as one of gaming's best comebacks.

It's a demanding and impressive game, leading many to question just how it'll run on the Nintendo Switch's limited hardware. Some fans were scouring the trailer to ensure that a sneaky "Cloud version" indicator wasn't hidden anywhere.

If the trailer is anything to go by, Hello Games may have performed some wizardry and pulled off an effective Switch port. Though it's likely the game won't be as graphically impressive as its console and PC counterparts. However, the game will include all of the upgrades and expansions released to date.

When Does No Man's Sky Release on Nintendo Switch?

At the time of writing, a specific release date has yet to be revealed. So far, the only timeframe we've been given is "Summer."

Hello Games, however, has indicated that more information regarding the Switch version, including gameplay and UI, will be revealed closer to the launch date.