No Man's Sky Star Bulb: What is it?

No Man's Sky star bulb is an essential material for players to harvest and use for their own means. These bulbs have been around for a good amount of time and can be used to craft an array of useful items. Star Bulbs can often be used as the building blocks of other resources players go frequently go through.

Here's everything you need to know about Star Bulbs in No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky Star Bulb

The Star Bulb (Sb) is actually a gemstone that comes from Star Brambles—essentially the "berry" of the bramble.

Star Brambles can be farmed and planted, making the Sb an easily obtained and renewed resource to build with. To plant a Star Bramble, you will need 25 Paraffinium and 50 existing Sbs. It can be found on Lush planets along with Paraffinium, its planting source. The plant takes about half an hour to grow and will produce around 25 Sbs in four hours.

To harvest Sbs, you will need a Haz-Mat Gauntlet. These gems can be found by scanning the immediate area with the Analysis Visor and are more commonly found mixed with other flora.

Sbs can be refined using a Refiner and be made into all sorts of useful things. For example, combing a Sb and some Paraffinium can double the Sbs you have. Sbs, Paraffinium, and Oxygen give a Sb that encourages growth.

Another use of Sbs is to help refine other materials. They can be used to provide Carbon alone, Oxygen—though artificial photosynthesis—with the help of a Kelp Sac, and Paraffinium by combining it with Salt.

As of Next, Sbs can be used to craft Poly Fibres—combining 200 Sbs with 100 Cactus Flesh.

Photo courtesy of Hello Games