'No-Swimming' Fortnite: Where to Find 'No-Swimming' Signs for the Fortnite 8-Ball Vs. Scratch Challenge

'No-Swimming' Fortnite is all about the safety signs. There are a full slate of challenges ready for Fortnite players to take head-on during the 8-Ball vs. Scratch challenge.

One of the challenges includes swimming at two different "No-Swimming" signs which are located throughout the map. We've found four different "No-Swimming" signs around the map to help you beat the 8-Ball vs. Scratch challenge with ease.

Find "No-Swimming" signs near the red circles on the map.
Find "No-Swimming" signs near the red circles on the map. / Epic Games

1. West of Sweaty Sands

This sign is located right on the western edge of the map. You can drop in Sweaty Sands and follow the road west until it curves south. Instead of following the curve, just keep walking in the direction the road would have taken you until you reach the sign. While the "No-Swimming" sign might not be directly in front of you, you'll be within sight range of the sign. From there, just take a quick dip in the water and you'll be halfway done with the challenge.

2. An island southeast of Misty Meadows

This "No-Swimming" sign might be difficult to get to if you don't act fast, as it's located on the Vistor island at the southeastern corner of the map. You can land on the island and walk south until you reach the coast. The sign is located almost smack-dab in the middle of the coast. You should also be able to find it by landing on the western part of the coast and walking east.

3. Northwest of Lazy Lake

Swimming is a big theme of this challenge, but the next two locations are both a bit more dangerous to take a dip in. This sign is located near a waterfall known as Gorgeous Gorge, which can be reached by following the river that's located just west of Lazy Lake north until you reach landmark and the "No-Swimming" sign. Be careful! You could get swept over the ledge, bringing your battle royale experience to an untimely end.

4. Northwest of Misty Meadows

The last sign we're aware of is located on the edge of the lake northwest of Misty Meadows on the Hydro 16 Dam. This location should be familiar to players who completed the The Dive! challenges, but you can get to it by landing in Slurpy Swamp and heading east. There is a sizable drop-off where the dam is located, so it should make it easy for players to find. Once there, locate the "No-Swimming" sign on the north side of the dam and hop in. Just be sure not to over the edge!