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Not-So-Sneaky Tracer Gets Her Just Desserts

This Tracer thinks they're out of line of sight.
This Tracer thinks they're out of line of sight. | Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Tracers love nothing more than sneaking behind enemy lines for a devastating flanking maneuver, but as slippery as the hero can be, she's not invisible. Sometimes sneaking doesn't pan out the way Tracer players expect it to.

This clip, posted to the Overwatch subreddit Monday by u/urchapped, shows how that sneaking around can go wrong. Urchapped, waiting in the spawn room at the start of Hollywood attack, decides to take the side exit rather than the main one. When they get to the doors, they see an oblivious Tracer walking over to the side of the doors.

The Tracer player doesn't see them, and it quickly becomes clear they believe they're out of the line of sight of the players inside the spawn room. In response, urchapped, playing as Ashe, aims down their scope and places the reticle directly over the Tracer's waiting head, just on the other side of the spawn doors.

The countdown begins, and the Tracer player doesn't move. Then the doors slide open, and before they can even react urchapped launches a bullet into their head, instantly killing them and teaching a valuable lesson: If you're going to sneak, know your lines of sight.