Nuke in Warzone: Is it Possible?

Nukes in Warzone are not obtainable as of yet
Nukes in Warzone are not obtainable as of yet / Photo by Activision/Infinity Ward

Nuke in Warzone is something fans are wondering is possible considering how popular the hidden killstreak is in the franchise.

Now that Call of Duty Warzone players are able to finally get into the secret bunkers littered around the map with the red access key cards that are dropped via loot boxes, players are wondering what exactly they are for.

Once you enter the bunker, you are met with tons of loot boxes and money that will most certainly get you loaded up, but if you proceed further into the bunker you'll find another set of doors. Rumors are going around about what's behind this door and some have the theory that there will be three sets of doors unlocked by each color key—red, blue, and green—and that once entered, you will be able to set off a nuke.

Nuke in Warzone: Is it Possible?

There is no evidence behind this theory and it is purely speculation, but we all are very curious what's behind the second door and how we can find out.

As of writing, no, you cannot get a nuke in Warzone and there is no indication you will be able to do in the near future. If we see nukes in Warzone at all, they would have to be incredibly difficult to obtain as a kill streak that lets you end a battle royale game mode would have to be very well earned.