Observation Game Plot Rundown

Observation game plot is a wild ride. Here's what happens in the sci fi survival thriller.
Observation game plot is a wild ride. Here's what happens in the sci fi survival thriller. /

Observation game plot is one of the title's main draws, as players investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearances on an international space station called Observation. Here are the events that unfold in the game.

Observation Game Plot Review

In Observation, players take on the role of S.A.M., the artificial intelligence on the station. S.A.M. is assisting Dr. Emma Fisher as she seeks the rest of the ship's crew, which appears to have gone missing.

As S.A.M. — short for System Administration & Maintenance — players watch the action on the ship through cameras placed around the station and through a Connection Sphere allowing them to enter the physical space of the ship.

The game begins when Dr. Fisher reboots S.A.M. to help diagnose the damage to the ship, recover the mission and find the crew. S.A.M. immediately tries to reactivate its components, but finds it is being influenced to betray Dr. Fisher by an unknown force. S.A.M. receives a mysterious message demanding that it "bring her," and the ship is suddenly relocated to orbit around Saturn instead of Earth.

As S.A.M. and Dr. Fisher work to repair the station, they find the bodies of the other crew members, including mission command Jim. One crew member, Mae, is found to be alive in one of the sealed modules, but Mae is lost when the station suddenly lurches toward Saturn.

After Mae's disappearance, a hexagonal object appears to both S.A.M. and Dr. Fisher and tries to communicate using a glyph language, then disappears.

S.A.M. and Dr. Fisher return to repairing the ship when they see a man-made object in nearby space. Though they at first believe it to be a rescue mission, they soon realize that it is an exact copy of Observation. Dr. Fisher jumps to the other station and finds Jim still alive.

While on the second Observation attempting to restore life support, Dr. Fisher learns from the second S.A.M. that Jim was given a secret mission to bring her to a certain point in space at a specific time to comply with a specific DNA code and point found in various star patterns.

Dr. Fisher comes across another crew member, Josh. Josh has been hiding from Jim, claiming Jim has killed his own doppelganger. Before Josh can explain, Jim finds them and sends Dr. Fisher back to the original Observation and locks her out of the second. As Dr. Fisher's life support begins to wane, more copies of Observation start appearing outside.

Jim locks S.A.M. out of the controls of Observation while he sends a message requesting help from Earth. S.A.M. finds a secret way into the station's systems and alters his message, warning Earth about the current situation. Earth cuts off Jim's communication, and he realizes S.A.M. is to blame. As he tries to attack S.A.M.'s core the core explodes in a strange substance that infests the station.

S.A.M. successfully seals Jim in a depressurized section of the station per the orders of the hexagonal entity, killing him. S.A.M. then lets Dr. Fisher back in through the airlock.

Dr. Fisher has S.A.M. adjust their orbit and jettison the station in an attempt to to the storm on Saturn. They successfully fall into the storm and black out. When they wake, they're lying on a a rocky landscape with debris and bodies from multiple copies of Observation.

S.A.M. and Dr. Fisher find a giant version of the hexagonal entity and approach it as Dr. Fisher tells S.A.M. that there must have been multiple realities converging at this point. She theorizes that they are the first two to survive everything, and the two disappear into the hexagonal entity.

When they wake again, their consciousnesses have merged into one, and the two are back on Earth. When they touch the ground, they find they can infect it as the entity infected Observation. The game ends as the entity tells S.A.M./Dr. Fisher to "bring them," suggesting the story will continue.

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