Obsidian Dragon Sett Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Obsidian Dragon Sett
Obsidian Dragon Sett / Image via Riot Games

Obsidian Dragon Sett has just been announced by Riot Games on the League of Legends Twitter.

Sett is the final champion to be added to the new dragon-themed skin line. The new dragon skins seem to be in celebration of the release of Teamfight Tactics: Fates, a brand new set for the auto chess game mode. Sett is the skin's premier release and will also receive a prestige edition skin.

Let;s take a look at everything you need to know about Obsidian Dragon Sett.

Obsidian Dragon Sett Skin Splash Art

While Riot Games hasn't released any splash art for Obsidian Dragon Sett yet, it will become available through the in-game store once the skin is released on the PBE.

Obsidian Dragon Sett Skin Price

Obsidian Dragon Sett will likely cost between 1380 RP and 1840 RP, with the prestige edition costing more. This is pure speculation and Riot Games has not confirmed what these skins will cost.

Obsidian Dragon Sett Skin Release Date

Obsidian Dragon Sett will hit the PBE in Patch 10.19 which means it could release either this patch or during Patch 10.20. This makes sense, as the skins are being used to promote the release of the new Teamfight Tactics set.

Obsidian Dragon Sett Skin How to Get

The only reliable way to obtain Obsidian Dragon Sett is to purchase him through the in game store. While you could hold out hope for a skin shard from a Hextech Chest, it's purely luck and you're not guaranteed to get one.