Octane Launch Pads Not Working in Apex Legends Season 12

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

At first, Octane, the daredevil Legend, appeared mostly unchanged in Apex Legends Season 12. Now, players have found that when placing Octane’s ultimate, the Launch Pad, they're not able to launch themselves in the air like usual. Considering this is Octane’s ultimate ability, it certainly seems an urgent matter for Respawn Entertainment to address.

Octane Launch Pads Not Working

The first demonstration of this bug was made by Reddit user u/tEH_ReALDeadPoole, who posted a video on the Apex subreddit demonstrating the issue with Octane’s launch pad and not being able to use it. Jumping, sliding and even running across Octane’s ult failed to trigger the bounce, making it an all but useless ability.

Bugs with Octane’s Launch Pads aren't so uncommon, as players around 2020 were having a similar problem in which the animation was activated, but it wouldn’t catapult the players, leaving them in the same position as they were before.

This time, the animation doesn’t even activate. Instead, it just looks like a piece of decoration to the map instead of being an effective object for an entire squad.

Some accounts say that this bug only happens on Olympus, but it has been found in other places such as King Canyon.

With the recent release Season 12, there hasn’t been much information about upcoming patches to fix issues that have surfaced since release. Hopefully, Respawn will fix Octane’s Launch Pad sooner than later for players to fully utilize his abilities, as he is a fan favorite in the Apex community.