OId Twitch Clips Are Getting Flagged in DMCA Takedown Wave

Numerous Twitch streamers are getting slammed with copyright claims.
Numerous Twitch streamers are getting slammed with copyright claims. / Photo by Twitch

Top streaming platform Twitch was hit with a wave of DMCA takedown requests regarding old clips, leaving streamers scrambling to remove copyright risks from their channels, as PC Gamer reported Monday.

The issue was primarily in copyrighted music appearing in stream clips from 2017 to 2019. This includes background music, which is particularly difficult to spot if a streamer has thousands of clips. Fuslie is one such streamer that has already received two strikes this month from Twitch for copyright issues. She was told she would get a permanent ban from the platform for a third, and decided to delete all of her clips as a preventative measure.

Many streamers took to social media to complain over Twitch's issuing of the takedowns years later and the platform's shortcomings when it comes to how difficult it is to locate and delete all clips, with several tweets asking for a delete all option.

Twitch responded on Sunday, noting that it is working to make management of clips easier.

Twitch also noted that the guidelines for music use on the platform haven't changed, though it seems likely that it will now enforce them more seriously than in the past now that it has experienced its first mass DMCA claims.