Old Genji Easter Egg Resurfaces After Overwatch Reddit Post

Blizzard does an excellent job of connecting the players with one another, even without using a cinematic, comic, or short story. The team uses the map or in this case, a heroes skin.

This was first brought to the attention of fans back in 2017, but somehow, it's resurfaced again in 2019.

In the lore of Overwatch, Genji and Hanzo have always been at odds. The brothers were polar opposites in personality and those problems finally came to a head. Hanzo killed his brother, or so he thought, and took his scarf as a memento to the deed.

When Blizzard introduced the Young Hanzo skin, you can see that Hanzo wrapped Young Genji's scarf around his bow. It's a touching cosmetic and goes to show how much Blizzard cares about the little details.

It's still unknown whether Hanzo will make an appearance in Overwatch 2 and if he will join his brother. The cinematic featuring the two brothers was Genji's invitation to Hanzo to join him.

Will he take it?

Photo courtesy of Blizzard