Onda Onda Fortnite: How Much Does It Cost?

Onda Onda Fortnite Emote
Onda Onda Fortnite Emote | Courtesy of Fortnite Cookies

The Onda Onda Fortnite emote is the newest dance craze that's made its way to the hit battle royale. Players are rushing to the Fortnite Item Shop to pick this skin up right now. Here's a look at the emote that's driving gamers crazy.

Onda Onda Fortnite: How Much Does It Cost?

On May 1, Epic Games released the Onda Onda Fortnite emote for purchase in the item shop as a part of Season 6 Chapter 2. Players can purchase the skin right now for only 500 V-Bucks, a small price for a lot of fun. The Onda Onda emote is taken from a popular dance choreography done by Dan-Sia to the hit Brazilian song "Onda Onda."

This isn't the first time Fortnite has tapped into Brazilian culture for inspiration in their games. The Dynamic Shuffle Emote from Season 2 is based on a dance done by Patriota, an extremely popular Brazilian streamer. They also have the Capoeira emote that's derived from the Brazilian form of martial arts. While they do tap into the pop culture space it's important to note that they also show a commitment to diversity amongst their additions to the game.

Start up Fortnite now and go pick up the "Onda Onda" emote before it's gone.