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OneShot: World Machine Edition Release Date Information

Courtesy of Future Cat LLC

OneShot, an already released title available on Steam, is a narrative-based RPG game that's getting a new facelift and a release on the Switch. As everyone knows, there are many unique narrative-focused games on the Switch, especially with the newest Nintendo Direct. Yet, there are still examples of innovative, original games tailored by indie studios that provide an exciting opportunity for those who love a unique story.

OneShot: World Machine Edition Release Date Information

OneShot is a top-down RPG set in a computer-based land. You play as yourself controlling an avatar named Niko, who is a self aware avatar inside the game, requesting your help to cross the computer world in order to bring light back into it. The game is mainly a puzzle-based game, with narrative elements. The player can interact with the world via traditional controls or can go to their in-game computers background to affect the world by changing desktop pictures, music, and other computer systems.

The release date is currently unknown for the new edition, so Switch fans will have to bide their time for a bit longer. The only type of release window known is that it's releasing this summer, so hopefully, the window isn't too far away. There's still the Steam version for the price of $9.99, however that lacks the yet undefined "New content" present on the Switch version.