Oni Phantom Valorant: How to Get

Oni is rumored to be the next weapon set coming to Valorant.
Oni is rumored to be the next weapon set coming to Valorant. | Photo by Riot Games

The Oni Phantom is a new leaked weapon skin coming to Riot Games' popular free to play 5-vs-5 shooter Valorant.

The Phantom is a high priced meta tier rifle commonly used in Valorant due to its reliable spray pattern and damage potential.

Oni Phantom Valorant: How to Get

Weapon skins in Valorant are cosmetics that change the physical appearance of weapons and potentially the visual effects of the weapon when fired. The Oni Phantom is available for purchase with Valorant Points as part of the Oni weapon collection soon to be available in the in-game store.

While no official price has been set, the Oni weapon collection is expected to debut at a price of 7,100 Valorant Points. Players will also be able to purchase the Oni Phantom by itself with a price likely to fall between 1700-2000 Valorant Points.

As with many weapon skins in Valorant the base level Oni Phantom offers cosmetic changes. Players can spend 10-15 additional Valorant Points to upgrade tiers of this skin once unlocked. The tier upgrades offer a variety of different cosmetic variants, weapon effects, and finishers. Take a look at all of the available Oni Phantom variants above.