Only Up Night Mode Release Date

The sky's the limit in Only Up!
The sky's the limit in Only Up! / SCKR Games

Help a teenage boy escape his hard life in Only Up! In this stress-inducing adventure, you'll explore a bizarre world filled with suspended railroad tracks, industrial pipes, and other obstacles that'll challenge your puzzle-solving skills and patience. 

It'll be a rough journey, with no save points and hundreds of ways to screw up. But it'll also be worth completing and bragging about.

You'll even find Easter eggs from popular games and movies. Only Up! also has fantastic visuals, from floating buildings to flying sea turtles. 

Only Up!'s weird world is fun, but have you wondered how it would look at night? If so, I've got good news for you. The developers recently announced that a Night Mode would come, but when can players expect to climb among the stars? 

Only Up Night Mode Release Date

Unfortunately, there's no release date for Only Up!'s upcoming mode. The developer teased us with a video of Night Mode. It showed Jackie walking up to a door with "Night mode soon..." over it and then cut to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up video. 

As much as I love that song, I was hoping for a confirmed release date or a preview of the mode. "Soon" could mean it's coming out sometime later this year, but there's no telling. 

If you can't wait for Only Up!'s Night Mode, buy the normal mode on Steam for $9.99.