OP Gaming Rangers Win FACEIT Global Summit PUBG Classic

The FACEIT Global Summit PUBG Classic has come to an end, which means a winner has emerged. Not only that, but the top three teams earned their respective regions an extra slot at the PUBG Global Championship.

Points were given based on placings in a specific match and kills.

FACEIT Global Summit PUBG Grand Finals Results

PUBG's dedication to their esports format is tremendous and helps them stay above their competition when it comes to tournaments. While Apex Legends and sometimes Fortnite build tournaments around games being played as fast as they can, PUBG places all the professionals in one server, allowing for a more competitive series.

In that regard, the teams earn their victories much more compared to other games. OP Gaming Rangers, Shoot to Kill, and Team Liquid took first, second, and third place respectively.

OP Gaming Rangers walked away with $150,000 and Korea, North America, and Europe earned an extra slot at the Global Championship.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp